MICHAEL NEWTH ‘Fifty Shades Of Nu Disco’ Mix and QuickQ&A

Occassionally  you stumble on a mixtape and think ‘Hmmm, similar taste to me here’.   To be both spookily similar and display a fondness of hooky electronic pop happens a lot less.

For that person to then be Australian, mad-productive – a quality mix every month  and named a genre to honour his favourite farm animal has never happened before ….

Subsequent cross-hemisphere exchanges confirmed the similar tastes – amongst them New Order & PSB – and revealed a thoroughly nice chap.

So to accompany your Newth-Mix listening,  here’s a bit of the chat…….

sb : I stumbled on your ‘Fifty Shades…’ mix during a recent Soundcloud trawl & enjoyed VERY much;  loved one section so much I left a comment! (not something I often do).  Who would you consider influences or favourites?

          MN >>  For me 80s pop and dance music was a high water mark that may never be equaled.  Anything that sounds like it could be the offspring of The Cure,  New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and The Beloved is fine by me.   My all time favourite track is ‘Enjoy The Silence’

sb : How’s dance/electronica in Australia at the moment?

         MN >>  The Australian music scene has traditionally been all about pub rock bands, but that all changed a few years ago with the arrival of the likes of Cut Copy, The Presets, Miami Horror, Empire of the Sun, Pnau, Sneaky Sound System, and Midnight Juggernauts. We’ve got some great upcoming bands in and around Melbourne, like Gypsy & The Cat, Gold Fields, Hunting Grounds, and City Calm Down. These guys all released some fantastic singles and EPs in 2012, and should be releasing albums in 2013. There is much to look forward to.

sb : When making mixtapes at home I usually end up messing with new FX/software rather than playing music.  You seem to be a subtle mixer, more keen to showcase the brilliant tracks/remixes.  Are you into the tech side of music?

          MN >>  I’m quite a technical luddite – I just use the basic version of Digital DJ.  It does everything I need it to do.

sb : Millions of readers are starting to murmur “OK great, now where’s the traditional shtbyfrnd  food question” …so –  what’s the Newth signature dish?

          MN >> I’m not a foodie at all. The popularity of cooking programs baffles me.  I’d have to choose pie as my favourite food.  So, if you are wondering who ate all the pies, it was me!  Though you wouldn’t know it to look at me.  I’m quite petite.

sb :   We’ll end with a question from TheWife™ .  Following considered perusal of your soundcloud profile she asks;  “You like cows;  do you like horses too?”

          MN >>  Haha! I grew up on a farm with beef cattle, so that’s where my love of cows developed.  I also lived in Switzerland for a few years, where the cow is basically the national emblem.  The photos I use for my cover art were all taken while hiking in the Swiss Alps.  Horses frighten me, they’re very skittish.  I prefer a docile beast.  

I combined my love of nu disco and my love of cows to come up with a new genre called “Mu Disco”.   I think that’s hilarious. Others may not.

We like it Michael – wishing you a Happy Mu Year.

Michael Newth Soundcloud

One thought on “MICHAEL NEWTH ‘Fifty Shades Of Nu Disco’ Mix and QuickQ&A

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